Inspired by Clarisse Demory

Jigsaw pieces in my head clicked into place when I learned that Clarisse Demory was behind a few of the brands I admire so much, such as Lemaire, Maryam Zadeh Nassir, Polder, and Sophie Buhai.

She has an acute ability to pull together a composition that is full of depth and uniqueness, but made from seemingly ordinary objects. In an interview, she wrote this about a simple plastic bag, which I think sums up the heart of her design approach:

“I love not having a hierarchy between materials. For example, I find plastic bags so precious somehow because, I mean, it’s so useful. We don’t realize the value of a plastic bag because it’s cheap, but just think about the process behind it: the technology, the people making it, it’s so light, and can look quite beautiful.”

It’s a frame of mind I strive to work on—that is to not automatically dismiss something because I’ve been taught that it’s not beautiful so I can see the beauty and potential in it anew.

More of her work here.