House Diary #7: Woollacott and Gilmartin’s home

Today, I just wanted to share this short video by The Modern House, featuring the family home of architects Katy Woollacott and Patrick Gilmartin. It’s a reprieve from the usual modern homes that one might see these days (boxy, shiny, open-concept). This quote from the video resonated with me:

“There’s all these things we’re taught. We need more light and we need to take down the walls. But I think as time has gone on, we’ve begun to realize that if you take down the walls, there’s no place to hang the pictures. And if you put in too many windows, I describe it as an overexposed photograph. Tuning the light so there’s not too much and not too little. Also, light balance within a room is so critical. It’s not just getting the light, but what does it fall on?”

I think what is so special about this house is that it doesn’t shout extraordinary. It really is designed for living and I think the more time you spend in it, the more you’ll discover its beauty through its ever-changing light, the warm materials they’ve employed to balance out the harsh angles, and all the ways the house can be rearranged to meet their needs. ALSO, did anyone else notice how marvellous the stairs are—a mix of frosted glass treads and wooden risers? *gushes*