Daikon logo cover

A Japanese-inspired, plant-focused restaurant


Daikon is a Japanese-inspired, plant-focused restaurant concept. The concept was inspired by shojin, a type of vegetarian buddhist cuisine specific to Japan. Many of the design choices found in this project reflect its mindful, nature-inspired origin.

Daikon restaurant logo variation

Daikon is the Japanese word for white radish, which is also the base of many of its dishes. The logo was inspired by the shape of the daikon and the hand-drawn letters reflect the artisanal approach of the restaurant.

Daikon restaurant business card design Daikon restaurant menu design

Omakase is the name of a Japanese tasting menu, where the chef chooses based on what is in season, giving the customer a complete experience.

Daikon restaurant postcard design

Seasonality is an important pillar of the Japanese culture, as it is to vegetarian cooking. The postcard design highlights some of the textures found in the four seasons.

daikon restaurant stationery mockup daikon restaurant postcar mockup

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