First Day Kit homepage mockup on an ipad

An app for first day employees


First Day Kit is an app that enables companies to create a resource centre for employees on their first day of work. I was the team lead for this project and was responsible for designing the logo, creating the illustrations, and designing the User Interface for the app.

The Project

This was a class project with a real client, who had a problem they wanted to solve and a catchy name: First Day Kit.

The Problem

The first day of a new job is always overwhelming and stressful. You don't know your coworkers. You're overloaded with new information. And sometimes you don't even know what to eat for lunch. On the employer's side, getting an employee's first day of work right is crucial for employee retention and productivity.

The Solution

The solution was a web app that companies can customize for new employees. Figuring out what the app should include was finding a balance between providing all the necessary resources while keeping it light and digestible. We distilled it down to four essential elements for the kit: coworkers, food, events, and resources. Take a look for yourself.


First Day Kit logo explainer image

The logo is a combination of the letter F and the cross associated with first aid kits. The logo is modern and modular (it can be oriented in multiple ways), fitting the “kit” element of product.


First Day Kit illustration example of watercooler talk

A hand-drawn illustration style was used for First Day Kit to achieve a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, helping to ease new employees into the workplace.

Welcome screen

First Day Kit home screen
Learn about your coworkers

First Day Kit people page
Find upcoming company events to join

First Day Kit events page
Take the stress out of figuring out what to eat

First Day Kit food page
Important resources & documents

First Day Kit resources page

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